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Having a personal payday loan in a few days, at convenient conditions and without too many forms to sign is the dream of all those people who want to get some liquidity to be able to satisfy their financial needs.
Well, if you are among these people (and we can guarantee that you would be in good company!) You should read the next lines carefully and calmly, as we will guide you, step by step, to obtain a Personal Payday loan quick, simple and convenient!

If you are looking for a complete article on all the Italian postal services, we refer you to the guide to the Personal Payday loan, one of the leading experts in the loan sector in the blogosphere, where you will find all services listed in detail and explained. If you want a quick overview to see if this postal loan can do for you, read on!

What is Personal Payday Loan

If you don’t know what Personal Payday Loan is we recommend investing the next 30 seconds in reading these lines. If you really know everything about this type of financing, you can go directly to the next paragraph.

Given this, we remind you that Personal Payday Loan is a loan available in all postal agencies, with which you can get up to 30,000 euros to be repaid in a repayment program that can last between 24 and 84 months. The interest rate will be fixed, thus ensuring you a fixed rate for the entire duration of your loan.

Remember also that you can enjoy some interesting flexibility options: Poste Italiane allows you to change the installment amount or, if you want, move the payment to the end of the loan.

Considering that we have dedicated so many insights to postal loans, we refer you to these focuses if you want to learn more!

Personal Payday Loans Requirements

Personal Payday Loans Requirements

If you have reached this point it is probably because you want to know exactly what you need to do in order to apply for a Personal Payday credit. Before seeing, step by step, how to apply for postal financing , let’s focus on the requirements that you must necessarily have in order to get to the loan in question. No fear, they are only 3! Here’s what:

  • Identity document valid : you can bring your identity card or passport. It is essential that this is a recognized document, issued by public authorities, with photos.
  • Regional health card (used to record the tax code)
  • Income document : depending on your status you can bring the latest pay slips and unique certification, the 730 model, the Unico model or what you use for your tax return.

But the documents might not be finished here. The reasons are two:

  1. If Poste Italiane requires it, a guarantor may also need to be involved in the loan. In this case, the documents mentioned above must also be taken with reference to your guarantor.
  2. Some loans require some new documents for internal regulations. Think, for example, of the debt consolidation loan, which will allow you to pay off all your liabilities and replace them with a single postal loan. In this case, you will also need to add to the above documents the quotations for settling the debts you want to replace.

How to apply for Personal Payday Loans

How to apply for Personal Payday Loans

Now let’s see how you can apply for Personal Payday Loans . Once you realize that you have all the necessary requirements, you can go to the website and, from here, to the financial products and personal loans section. You will find yourself in front of this screen:

There are two choices you can make. With the first, Take Appointment , you will be able to set up a consultation with the postal agency of your reference. In order to use this function, however, you must be the holder of an Internet Services contract with the Post Office.

If you are not a Poste Italiane customer, you can proceed with a click on Search Post Office . As you can well imagine, it is a function that will allow you to find the post office closest to your home. By indicating the city or postal code of your choice, you will immediately find out which agencies are closest to your home, what services are offered within it and, of course, useful contacts to call and make an appointment.

Now that you’ve made an appointment with a post office consultant, all you have to do is … go! Here you will be offered all the solutions to your needs, and you will be given some estimates. Do not have time to sign loan requests: you can take a few days to be able to consult calmly and carefully all the documents that were provided to you. When you are convinced and determined about what to do, you can call back the consultant and make a new appointment that will allow you to proceed with the next step. Speaking of subsequent steps, the most important will be represented by the signing of the loan application : in addition to starting the preliminary process, in fact, the signing of the forms will allow Poste Italiane to access your data in the Central Credit and, therefore, understand if you have other loans, if you have late payments, if you are a bad payer, and so on. Precisely for this reason we strongly advise you to act with great transparency and clarity: if there have been problems in returning some financing, talk to your consultant immediately, and even before signing the application.