More Than One Loan Consigned At The Same Time


Recurring doubts from many clients, the amount released for the loan depends solely and exclusively on the assignable margin, which corresponds to 30% of what you receive from the INSS benefit or salary.

Basically, what you need to know is that yes, it is possible to make more than one consigned loan at the same time. In this case, what will influence is the available margin, which should not exceed 30%, ie the sum of all loans should not exceed this percentage, and the client also has the option of contracting the amounts in banks at the same time.


When can I apply for more than one payday loan?

When can I apply for more than one payday loan?

You can request a second payday loan at any time, considering the existing rules for payroll deductible loans.

Hiring the second payroll loan is similar to contracting the first loan. The difference is that the sum of the two installments (of the two loans) can not exceed the limit of 30% of their income.

The release of money is not time-consuming, with the average time of endorsement being 48 hours.


How to calculate the portion of the second Payroll Loan?

First, let’s calculate the available payroll loan margin:

A retiree who receives R $ 3,000.00 as net income per month.
Therefore, R $ 3,000.00 – 30% = R $ 900.00 of payroll deductible loan margin available

And now let’s calculate the payday loan situation itself

In January 2017, the retiree requested the first loan and will pay installments of R $ 410.00 for 72 months.In May 2018, he applied for a second loan for emergency health reasons. The financial institution may assign a payroll with a portion of the limit of R $ 490.00, that is, R $ 900.00 (30% of the pension) – R $ 410.00 (portion of the first loan).

The account is simple, but every credit decision should be carefully evaluated because you will be compromising your income for a long period.

Therefore, it is important to do the credit simulation, evaluate the budget and control the finances to keep up with your commitments.


Online Payday Loan Simulation

How to calculate the portion of the second Payroll Loan?

Want to plan and know if the second payroll loan pays off for you? Then do a loan simulation online.

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Is it possible to take consigned loan without margin?

Do not worry! Contact a bank that does the portability of credit and can buy all your debts and focus them on a single credit, increasing both the term of payment and taking out the rest of the debt.