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Try our low credit loans online today

How to apply for a low credit loan today? You can look here how to apply for a low credit loan.

Basically, it is a question of asking the bank or financial institution for a minimal and negligible grant of money that can start from a minimum of 500 euros. In this case, they are not always requested in association with the documents to be delivered, therefore they can be obtained without payslip. Let us then focus on how to simply get a small loan worth 500 euros online without being in possession of the payslip, and what are the other most innovative solutions proposed by financial institutions to receive money in a short time.

It is not so difficult to find around the web banks or large chains of financial institutions, ready to sell the amount of money that being small does not need so many bureaucratic quibbles to attend to. We are talking about a type of loan that allows you to get 500 euros in a few days.

The 500 euro loan will be directly granted on the Pay Credit card, which the customer will have to obtain if he does not have it at the time the money is requested. The money can be repaid in small installments starting from 20 euros a month and an amount of 7% will be added to the sum.

Wanting to reimburse the money obtained on loan, ie 500 euros in the minimum period of time provided for twenty-four months, in which case the customer will pay the paltry sum of 20 euros per month. Thanks to the Mini Loan proposed by Bank, it will be possible to get up to a maximum of 3 thousand euros, to be spent on trips or why not, in a new small car.

In this case, of course, the only requirement required beyond the age of majority is a possession, as we have already said, of the Pay Credit card; without a payslip or guarantor, therefore, to obtain the loan from the Italian Post Office.

Loan 500 euros without payroll Private Bank: requirements and rates

The same goes for Private Bank, which for years has made it’s old and new customers the type of so-called Micro Loan Private Bank or the loan of 500 euros on loan without a payslip to be repaid in a versatile and personalized manner based on requests of the customer. The restitution of the sum obtained can also take place in this case with small installments, but unlike the first example, with the Private Bank loan, the user will have the certainty of paying the same small and convenient installment for the entire duration of the entire loan.

For example, the 500 euros of the loan could be returned to the bank in twelve monthly installments, with an installment of the exact value of 50 euros. In the end, the total due to the Private Bank will be just under 600 euros, as it is necessary to also consider the preliminary investigation costs and the interests that start from a minimum of 16% and reach a maximum of 23%. With the choice of the Mini Credit, in a nutshell, anyone can have available on their current account the amount of money required to manage as they see fit, all in a maximum of five working days and without obviously having the possession of the payslip.

A bank loan of 500 euros without payroll: online quote

The chances of being able to request and obtain in less than a time a loan without a payslip for the amount of 500 euros are not over; think for example that even the company Bank offers its customers a small loan for every need. In this case, however, unlike the solutions previously described, it is a loan that requires in the absence of a payslip from the applicant, at least one guarantor.

With the term guarantor, it can be understood not only the specific physical person but also real estate or more simply small precious assets to be granted to the bank in case of failure to return the sum lent. If we now wish to request a mini loan of 500 euros without a payslip to Bank, the money, in this case, can be repaid starting from a minimum of six up to a maximum of twenty-four monthly installments. It can in fact start from a maximum of 127 euros monthly installment, and reach a minimum of 33 euros, to be repaid in the maximum extension of the time frame of 24 months.

Even the interests that mature in this case are not to be underestimated; in fact, we talk exactly about 5.91% tan, and 6.08% taeg. Another innovative solution to circumvent all the procedures and requests to be sent electronically is to use prepaid credit cards, which are also made available by the aforementioned financial companies.

This is a quick solution to the problem of obtaining the money you need. Absolutely not to be underestimated in this case is the total absence of interest rates to be added, but instead, look at the figures that are required to pay for card activation.

They are not few therefore as we have been able to see the methods that allow succeeding in obtaining the figure of 500 euros in a few working days and simply being comfortably seated at home; in fact all the procedures described can be activated online; so once you find the official website of the bank to which you have chosen to entrust you, all you have to do is fill out the form easily identifiable on each site, and wait for an answer that an employee will not be long in coming.

Alternatively, you can always go to one of the branches closest to your home and request assistance and support to complete the form to obtain a microloan.